Focus on your business,
we'll take care of your emails

- Mathieu TARNUS, CEO Sarbacane Software

Who are we ?

Team Tipimail
Mathieu T.
Team Tipimail
Florent M.
  • Presentation

    Launched with a pure startup spirit, Tipimail was born 2 years ago and was incubated with the team from Sarbacane Software Group, the leading player in email marketing software for 15 years.

  • Our offices

    To work efficiently, you need space, peace of mind and comfort. In this spirit Sarbacane Software, Tipimail's parent company, chose an exceptional place to build its offices on a piece of land that sits 50 feet above Lille, France. All R&D and operational teams in the group are based in France. Tennis courts, a health club, billiards, fooseball, even daycare ... Every effort is made to soothe the soul while working, the perfect recipe for a balanced professional development.

  • Our philosophy

    The friendly atmosphere within the team is what best characterizes Sarbacane Software. We have an open door policy, making each department accessible - even management. Casual Fridays happen every day. Every employees' needs are carefully considered so that their contribution at an individual and collective level can be maximized.

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