November 2021

List of subsequent providers with Tipimail

Data processor Activity description Processing countries


Ticket management solution by email, allowing the follow-up of the discussions between our customers and our staff or the staff of our branch offices.

/!\ messages sent (campaigns, newsletters) to the recipients of our customers through our product, do not transit through this provider

United States of America

Transfer under the protection of the European Commission's standard contractual clauses


Server hosting dedicated to applications France

Hosting of applications on servers owned by Sarbacane Software

ASK Technologies (¹)

Ticket management solution by instant messaging (chat)

France / Belgium
Sarbacán Software SL

From December 15th 2021
Customer relations, technical support


(¹) When our customers contact us through the available channels, whether from our products or our websites, the messages exchanged, including any attachments, are included in an exchange tracking ticket hosted on the provider's servers. These exchanges may include personal data, for example in cases of solicitation to solve a specific problem on a contact list.
Messages (campaigns, newsletters) sent to the recipients of our customers do not transit through the provider's servers.

(²) (2) SCALAIR assists us with the hosting at CIV ( ). CIV is a subsequent data processor of SCALAIR

Any changes regarding the addition or replacement of subsequent data processors shall be made under the conditions specified in the personal data treatment agreement or by special conditions, if applicable for the latter.Additional data processors may be required and shall be specified by name in the relevant service agreement.