Our plans

With Tipimail, your first 10,000 emails are on us each month. In case you want to send more, you may pick a monthly package to be able to deliver the emails you send.

  • You can change at any time (pick a smaller or bigger amount of credits).
  • All our packages are no strings attached, you may cancel at any time.
  • Unused email credits carry over to accumulate in the following month.

Assistance Need more credits or annual plan?
Contact us for a custom plan

then 0exc. tax/mo

PREMIUM plans include

  • TickIntegrate with SMTP or API
  • TickTracking opens and clicks
  • TickManage returns
  • TickManage multi-accounts and sub-accounts
  • TickTransactional and bulk send
  • TickUnlimited support
  • TickCustomize your emails
  • TickManage usage rights
  • TickReputation rate
  • TickAdvanced filters
  • TickWebhooks
  • TickBe provided code examples
  • TickResources and online help
  • TickData in real time
  • TickSend with separate credentials
  • TickEnjoy unlimited helpdesk and docs

Info* for an email which size is equal to 1 MB. Any additional MB will be overcharged. Email credits are available for 1 year.