Flexible and intuitive, Tipimail supports your emails. We are compatible with all major e-commerce platforms and CMS as PrestaShop, Magento, Wordpress or Drupal.

Whether you are a developer or not, no worries! A step by step guide will accompany you in the configuration in under 5 minutes.

Plan your unit shipments, schedule your mass mailings in a query or dynamically customize content.

PrestaShop Magento WordPress Drupal

Email service for your apps

For Developers

Forget about the maintenance of your sending server. Tipimail is a dedicated and scalable platform to send emails.

Tipimail is meant to be easy-to-use and to integrate. Plug Tipimail into your platform or app in less than 5 minutes with our SMTP relay or our APIs.

No worries. We provide a lot of code samples, documentations and libraries to make your life even easier when using Tipimail whatever programming language or platform you have.

Our infrastructure, with you, everyday

Tipimail Features

Our infrastructure is scalable and is made to respond to any peak of activity, whatever your business.

Tipimail Features

Security is core. That?s why each call to our platform is encrypted.

Tipimail Features

Use different APIs and split your activity. For example, one to access the data and a second to send emails.

Have fun

Each developer has his own tools and preferences. We provide resources to help everyone make the most of Tipimail.

Go to our GitHug page and find code samples, wrappers and libraries to use when developing.

Dedicated tools from our website will help you check the structure of your emails, the headers and be sure your email is not mistaken for SPAM.

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