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  • What are the key APIs?

    A key protected system has been implemented to protect your emails and account. These keys are different from your account IDs.

    When you use Tipimail to send emails through APIs or SMTP, you will first have to create an API key.

    To do so:

    • Log in as an administrator on the interface
    • Go to Settings SMTP and APIs
    • Click the Add Key button
    • You will then be able to name your key but also apply one or more restrictions, like blocking all IP addresses using the API key except those listed. The restriction may also be blocking the rights to use the API key

    You can generate as many keys as you need. If you think that a key has been compromised and used elsewhere, you can delete it and create a new one.

    The API key will be required if you want to use our APIs , whereas sending with SMTP, you will also need the user name.

    Please consult the online documentation for more info.