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  • Why use a dedicated emailing platform and why Tipimail?
  • Why use a dedicated emailing platform and why Tipimail?

    Sending emails should not be taken slightly as it is key in communicating with your clients/prospects.

    Emails are indeed the easiest and most affordable way to interact with your audience and convert a visitor into a customer.

    About 20% of the opt-in emails never make it to the inbox. If you are unable to communicate properly with your customers, it will obviously have an impact on your business.

    With Tipimail, we help you focus on your business, your application. Our platform is built around several axes:

    • A simple and effective solution to send emails, whether bulk or transactional, through our APIs or our SMTP relay
    • Deliverability of your messages to your customers' or prospects' mailbox is our priority
    • Our platform fits your needs.
    • Our real-time graphs allow you to track your results once the emails were sent.

    Finally we are a start-up. So we can make quick decisions, be responsive to your requests and improve the product on each release.

    => We are a start-up, so we can make quick decisions, react promptly to your requests and improve the product each time we release a new version.

    Tipimail is intended as a bridge between you and your audience.

    => Tipimail connects you with your audience.