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  • Why my emails haven't been delivered on mail? And how to fix it?
  • Why my emails haven't been delivered on mail? And how to fix it?

    There are various reasons why your emails do not make it inbox. The world of emails is subject to a number of rules any sender ought to comply with. By following these rules you will harm neither your reputation nor your deliverability.

    Below is how to proceed:

    • Sign your sending domain with SPF and DKIM records
    • Be consistent when customizing your email's structure: add the same domain everywhere be it for the sending domain, tracking domain or sender's email address.

    The address book

    • Check your recipients' email addresses. Before sending any email, check the structure of the email address, be sure you do not send an email to an address you received bounce from.
    • Double opt-in your contacts. This means after a recipient checked a box online, they receive an email with a link they have to click to confirm they agree on receiving info from you.
    • Do not use databases you bought or made up from the Internet

    The content of your message

    • Avoid using keywords referring to spam: money, sex, scam, viagra, ...
    • Do not include a single image to your email
    • Be sure your content is consistent with your brand and what your subscribers expect from you
    • Test your emails again and again and check that they are displayed properly

    The best advice to improve your deliverability is to send your emails with the right content to the right person at the right time and at the right frequency.

    For more information, visit our help online.