Anti-spam policy

Tipimail is committed to fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations on electronic communication, and would ask their clients to do so

What Tipimail is committed to

Privacy on personal information

Data provided by our clients and hosted on our routing platforms are confidential and will not be shared with any third party. Tipimail reserves the right to consult such data to verify the law and Terms and Conditions are complied with before emails are sent or if Internet users, Internet Service Providers or any anti-spam group made a complaint.

Respect of the privacy of the recipients of our client’s campaigns

All email addresses used to send emails from our routing platform are data our clients provide us. By agreeing on our Terms and Conditions, our clients commit to complying with laws in force, including the (French) Loi Informatique et Libertés (Data Protection Act) and the loi sur la Confiance en l’Economie Numérique, i.e. the law to build confidence in digital economy.

Legality of the emails sent

Tipimail almost systematically verifies the content of the emails sent from its routing platform so as to verify it complies with our anti-spam policy and Terms and Conditions before emails are sent. Tipimail cannot be held liable in case it does not and such emails are sent. We would ask our clients to read carefully the anti-spam policy before they send any campaigns through our routing platform.

Data security

All servers from the platform are located in a high-security datacenter. This is how the data our clients provide us are secured and remain confidential. Only select staff from Tipimail supervises and maintains the servers.


Tipimail neither owns nor manages the files our clients provide us. All databases our servers use are our clients’ property or that of companies that rent or sell email lists. Tipimail cannot be held liable for the methods clients use to collect data.


Regulatory compliance

The user commits to comply with Terms and Conditions he agreed on by subscribing to the service online.


The user should follow the below-mentioned recommendations:

Tipimail completely forbids any content which directly or indirectly expresses prejudice, racism, bigotry, hatred, any violent or lascivious content,content related to casinos, casino games, psychic services or weight loss.

The user warrants that every email sent in connection with Tipimail services will allow recipients to refuse their personal data to be used by third parties on analysis purposes, and without having to provide an explanation for their request.

Each time they use Tipimail, the users shall comply with laws and regulations in force on privacy.

The user cannot use the Services for advertising purposes without all recipients’ prior and specific agreement in case their contact details are personal.

Any failure to comply with the above might result in a service interruption or termination, with no indemnification or refund.

Anti-spam policy

In case a user does not comply with Tipimail’s policy on content, the opt-out policy and the presence of an opt-out link that be working, the method used to collect data, or there is any other failure to comply with laws or regulations in force, we would ask internet users to let us know through email at abuse[at] Please transfer a copy of the message and the reason why you are making a complaint and our dedicated staff will respond as soon as possible.

For extra info : website of the (French) Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés ("Commission on Information Technology and Liberties").